2022 Texas Race Class Narrative Findings

We are at an exciting point in our journey to launch our Texas Race Class Narrative, a collective narrative based on our shared values as Texans that interrupts the deliberate racial division and scapegoating of our opponents, and builds and ignites public will to win progressive solutions for our people. Over the past couple of weeks, we ran a statewide online survey, oversampling Black, Latino, AAPI, and Spanish-speaking voters, and dial tested several RCN messages we first explored in focus groups to determine how to best defeat our opposition’s attacks and mobilize and persuade the Texas voters we need to win.

We are now ready to share our key findings and recommendations and unveil the statewide brand that will carry our Texas Race Class Narrative forward across our campaigns. Informed by all of the research conducted by Texas For All, ASO Communications, We Make the Future, and Lake Research Partners, our top messages and new shared brand will be our foundation for building and winning progressive governing power in Texas in 2022 and beyond. We invite our partners from across the movement and from every corner of our state to join us at this briefing and be part of rolling out our Texas Race Class Narrative.

The unveiling of these findings will take place Friday, April 22, 2022 at 1 p.m. Central Time on Zoom.

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